Last American Horror Show Vol. 2

Michael S. Rodriguez returns with a sequel to Last American Horror Show. Last November seen the long awaited release of Rodriguez’s genre anthology and now he’s ready to deliver a second helping of fright. This time around Rodriguez shares the writing and directing honors with two up and coming filmmakers to bring you a bigger horror show. Last American Horror show vol. 2 promises six hair-raising tales and stars a bevy of cult and genre favorites such as Mel Novak ( Bruce Lee’s Game of Death) Maria Olsen ( Starry Eyes) Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp), Helen Udy ( My Bloody Valentine) Lynn Lowry ( The Crazies) and Timothy Quill ( Army of Darkness). Horror Show Vol. 2 is near completion and will be looking at a 2020 release.

Michael S. Rodriguez on LAHS Vol. 2-

This time around you’re going to have a variety of storytelling styles with Ricardo Vasquez, Montgomery Dodson, and myself providing the scares.

Last American Horror Show Vol. 2 (2019)


In association with DeepMurder productions LLC and Evokemedia


Mel Novak
Maria Olsen
Jonathan Tiersten
Helene Udy
Lynn Lowry
Timothy Quill
Brian Goff
Geovonna Casanova
Tino Zamora
DT Carney

Written and directed by:

Michael S. Rodriguez
Ricardo Vasquez
Montgomery Dodson
Mike Ferguson

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One thought on “Last American Horror Show Vol. 2

  1. Really enjoyed the first film. super appreciated the 80s horror feel it had, so different from today’s horror flicks.

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