Love, is it worth dying for?…

With the blood of her loved ones on her hands, Chaka, a young witch-in-training must team up with the Guardian Lamar to stop a demonic entity, Thaddeus Ayromlooi from mutilating the rest of her friends. Their only hope is the Riazza Themsla, a forbidden book of spells that released Thaddeus into their world in the first place. Time begins to run out as his tactics become more unpredictable, leading Chaka and her friends into doubting what is reality and what is an illusion.


Powerman Mc is an American film actor, producer, radio host, and hip-hop musical artist. He has produced and starred in the Urban Hip Hop Comedy, Welfare to Millionare.

Carly Jones is an actress, known for No Ordinary Family (2010), Lonelygirl15 (2006) and Coldwood (2012).

Derrel Maury has been acting since he was a young child, playing on such shows as Emergency! (1972) and starring in his own TV series, “Archie”, as Jughead. He does stage and teaches acting to youths through their teens.

Also Starring: 

Dragon Dronet, Ronnie Alvarez, Vince Foster, Kora Lee, and Kenlyn Kanouse

Directed by:

Orlando Estrada

Written by:

Orlando Estrada, and Kenneth L. Gibbs Sr.

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And for those who prefer to read…

It’s now adapted to a novel by Lawrence Gibbs

The story of a naive witch-to-be that battles the guilt of causing the deaths of those closest to her and the threat that she unleashes unto the world.

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