Crowd Funding Campaign Launched for a Micro Budget Horror Movie, WICKED JACK

Morgan Welborn has announced the launch of a crowd funding campaign for a Micro budget Horror movie, WICKED JACK.

WICKED JACK is a supernatural slasher inspired by 80’s horror, a dark and unique tale of sex and violence, and the wages of sin one must undertake to reap unearthly rewards!

When a Son commits physical violence on his Mother, a reckoning is upon him, he must move out! His anger festers until he finds a mysterious ring and is introduced to the demon WICKED JACK. Together, with his Succubus Jezebel, the Hellions make a Faustian bargain with the Son… to witness his rage become a weapon upon his Mother and reap her flesh for Hell.

The story delves into the psychological mindset of an angry anti social terror, the dark sexual behavior of Femme Fatales and mans apathy of human life.

The campaign is scheduled for 60 days, If this concept interests you and you would like to see it become a reality, I hope you’ll consider supporting WICKED JACK.

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