RICOCHET is a pulsating thriller about a young woman named Ana, waking up from a rough night of partying in the basement of her father’s house (i.e., his “man cave”), and discovering a young girl locked in her father’s panic room — his personal vault.

As three masked intruders break into the house to retrive the young girl, Ana does everything she can to save her at all costs from their clutches. But things take an unexpected turn for the worse, as all is not quite what it seems with the young girl or the masked intruders.

Blending elements of action, horror, sci-fi with some tounge-in-cheek humor, RICOCHET takes viewers on an action-packed rollercoaster ride that will leave them breathless at the end and wanting more.


Gianna-Marie, Corrie Fleming, Katelyn Downing, Ayuba Audu, and S. Joe Downing

Directed and Written by:

Tim Earnheart

More about the film from the director/writer Tim Earnheart:

When I decided to make “Ricochet” I knew it would be a sibling to my previous short film “Safe” — but on a much bigger scale. Still a home invasion thriller at heart, I wanted more action, more locations and more blood in this one. We shot in two locations for 2 days a piece.

A speakeasy in Seattle doubled for a basement of a house for the first weekend of shooting. Then for the second weekend, we shot for 2 days in a mansion in Sammamish, WA.”

“Slick and fully cranked, short film Ricochet from filmmaker Tim Earnheart is a case study in action #filmmaking. Taking a no-holds-barred approach to blood and gore, this movie’s Panic Room meets The Strangers meets Kick-Ass dynamic is a refreshingly bold outing for short cinema… Visually and atmospherically supercharged, Ricochet is unapologetically action cinema at its most comfortable. However, the addition of a few cinematic nuances make it a noteworthy piece in 2019’s short films list and mark Tim Earnheart as a filmmaker to watch.” – UK FILM REVIEW

“Earnheart’s Ricochet is a slick production. It’s weird to say, but he effectively uses high-definition cameras in both lighting and tone. The action is cool to watch, the digital effects work within the confines of the short’s budget, and I love those masks on the baddies. Time and detail were put into the masks and very much appreciated.”

“As for Ricochet, the director allowed the film to fulfill it’s destiny from the beginning to the end. If you need a good short film to entertain you for 11 minutes with a healthy dose of adrenaline-pumping action, Ricochet will provide all the amusement you need.”

The film is currently in its festival run, and winning many awards!

Don’t miss it if it hits a festival near you!

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