The 2019 Twisted Dreams Film Festival Wraps Up

The 2019 Twisted Dreams Film Festival Wraps up with record attendance and a sold-out Joe Bob Briggs performance.

Joe Bob Briggs left the Times Cinema to a standing ovation and a line of fans stretching blocks up Milwaukee’s Vliet Street waiting for autographs.

Other performances during the festival included RATBATSPIDER and a spook show by THE DARK HATTER

If this once in a lifetime event passed you by be sure to make it to next years Twisted Dreams Film Festival. As the Largest horror film festival in Wisconsin we are working hard to make it the biggest festival in the Midwest!

The 2019 Twisted Dreams Film Festival is proud to present this year’s winners!

Jury Awards
Best Feature – Straight Edge Kegger
Best Short – The Last Well
Best Wisconsin Short – Upstairs

Audience Awards
Best Feature – Lake Michigan Monster
Best Short Film – mi-fi
Best Wisconsin Short Film – Deer Lights

Best Director
Feature – The Next Kill-Mike McCutchen
Short – Filth- Adam Ciolfi
Wisconsin Short – Deer Lights-Brian Klewin
Best Screenplay
Feature – Straight Edge Kegger- Jason Zink
Short – Crabgirl-Sergiy Pudich
Wisconsin Short – Upstairs- Jeff Bell
Best Actor
Feature – Livescream-Gunner Willis
Short – Last Well-Alen Liverić
Wisconsin Short – The Damned Thing-Michael Thomas Determan
Best Actress
Feature – Fang-Melodie Reohrig
Short – My First Time-Lenny Cohen
Wisconsin Short – Matron of Honor-Ann Marie Redmond
Best Supporting Actor
Feature – Amazon Hot Box – Jett Bryant
Short – Rub me the Right Way-Nico Birnbaum
Short – The Masses – Harper Robinson
Best Supporting Actress
Feature – Amazon Hot Box – Ellie Church
Short – Mama’s Boy-Kara Vedder
Wisconsin Short – Matron of Honor-Stephanie Rose Quinnell
Best Ensemble
Feature – Lake Michigan Monster
Short – What Metal Girls are Into
Wisconsin Short – Deer Lights
Best Cinematography
Feature – Lake Michigan Monster
Short – Supine
Wisconsin Short – Deer Lights
Best Makeup
Feature – Fang
Short – Cured
Wisconsin Short – Matron of Honor

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