“Friday Night Death Slot” Debuts May 4th

Friday Night Death Slot World Premiere

A new short horror film titled “Friday Night Death Slot” will be debuting from It’s Alive Films at NextWave Media Lab in Troy, MI. It is written and directed by Stephen Florentine and stars Joshua Werner (Consigned to Oblivion, Schism), Krissi Kinney (Chair Gang, Replicator), Dennis Doyle Jr. (Beyond the Mask, I Declare War) and Belinda Bonaudo Hellebuyck (Replicator). The World Premiere event is completely open to the public, with tickets available now.

Friday Night Death slot blends comedy and horror in a new way. When the long running sitcom “Web Brewers” starts falling out of favor, and into the “Friday night death slot”, the fictitious characters start dying gruesome deaths at the hands of a serial killer, as outside forces are affecting the fate of the show. When the show’s lead character Sam starts to become lucid and more aware of the fictitious world he lives in, he finds himself fighting for survival as the show takes new directions.

“To me, the script for Friday Night Death Slot is about the cruelty of the creator,” says writer/director Stephen Florentine. “In this case, the creator of a past-its-prime sitcom. I noticed how cruel show’s can be sometimes when dispatching a character, especially if there’s behind-the-scenes drama with the actor playing that character. I thought it would be interesting to show this from the actual character’s point of view, and how their removal from the show would be more akin to a horror film for them.”

The film’s star, Joshua Werner, had this to say about the filming: “I really loved the script, and was excited to see it translated the screen, stylistically. While the movie is entirely in the fictitious world of the sitcom “Web Brewers”, there are really two distinct worlds, stylistically. The first is everything you’d see when watching the show on TV. The bright lighting, the static camera angles, the cheesy jokes and laugh track.” He continues, “The other is what you wouldn’t see on TV, in-between episodes, or just ‘off- camera’. This is when the lighting changes, the temperature drops, the cameras begin to move, and the entire atmosphere changes and the sitcom becomes a horror film. I was fascinated by the whole concept.”

The World Premiere event takes place Saturday, May 4th, at NextWave Media Lab in Troy, MI. Attendees will get appetizers, a meet-and-greet with the cast and crew of the film, an opening musical comedy short from the web series “Gigs”, Friday Night Death Slot, and then a Q & A along with dessert and champagne. Tickets are available now at its-alive-films.ticketleap.com.

“Friday Night Death Slot was a particularly important project for me,” says Florentine. “My desire to see it come to life was so strong that I sold over half of my beloved movie collection, full of rare and out-of-print editions, to put toward the budget for the equipment needed to do this film properly. And now that we have it in the can I’m happy to share it with the rest of the world.”

The trailer for Friday Night Death Slot can be watched here:

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