‘In The Blink of An Eye,’ a Anthology of Horror Stories Based on the Award Winning Independent Film, “Butterfly Kisses”

In The Blink of An Eye is an anthology of horror stories based on the award winning independent film, Butterfly Kisses. The book will be a deeper drive into the urban legend of The Blink Man / Peeping Tom mythology brought to life by the creative works of William Couper, Jacob Le Doux, K. Patrick Glover, Seth Adam Kallick, Matt Lake, Megan Morgan, Josef Richardson, Erik Kristopher Myers, Paul R. Seiber, Patrick Storck, Steve Toase, Shelley Davies Wygant, and IIan Sheady.

The Blink Man / Peeping Tom stories center around an old train tunnel near Ellicott City, MD. It’s said that if you can stare down the length of the Illchester Tunnel for an hour, without blinking, precisely at midnight, Peeping Tom will appear. Once you’ve seen him, he can’t be unseen. Every time you blink, he gets closer and closer, until he’s the last thing you see.

In The Blink of An Eye includes the following stories:

Caught in an eternal midnight, a reckless teen questions the choices that brought him face to face with his own destruction.

A man traumatized by war turns to a hypnotist for relief, but the hypnotist learns the true cause of the man’s trauma and makes a horrifying decision.

A holy man with one eye scarred and always open journeys to the Illchester Tunnel and sees an awful figure off in the distance.

A student decides that her favorite teacher’s untimely death wasn’t suicide, but rather the result of a meeting with the Blink Man.

And many other bone chilling tales…

Erik Kristopher Myers is the creator of The Blink Man mythology and director of the motion picture, “Butterfly Kisses”.

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