MADE ME DO IT – Coming to VOD/DVD on 6/11/19!

MADE ME DO IT – has been called a cross between Natural Born Killers and Halloween – coming to VOD/DVD on 6/11/19!

Similar Titles
Halloween, Purge, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Strangers, Knock, Knock, Don’t Breathe

Sample Reviews
“Scary, Twisted, weird with very good acting… Taut thriller that delivers.” · Fangoria

”A mix of Natural Born Killers and Halloween with a little Psycho thrown in. A unique slasher movie that stands out on multiple levels – Flashy editing, solid acting, scary moments and all of it with a retro flare!” · Dread Central

“Made me pee a little! ” · Horror

Clips, Interviews and Stories in:

After a lifetime of abuse and rejection Thomas Berkson has found unconditional love – through murder. He has become a serial killer following the voices in his head. Poor college student Ali Hooper, her little brother and ex-boyfriend find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this throwback to the classic 80’s slasher films comes this harrowing journey for survival against an unstoppable force of nature.

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