Frolic Pictures Celebrates 10-year Anniversary with New Jared Masters Reissue Titles on Double & Triple Feature DVDs!

The Ambassador of Tinsel Town, Jared Masters, has been honored for munching off a decade in the B-movie biz with all his films back-to-back on five attractive new digital videodiscs.

The films have been re-titled, re-mastered, re-packaged, and revamped in special new limited edition jewel cases, at a very, very low price. Your sordid senses are guaranteed to be satisfied with the weirdest, creepiest, sexiest films cranked out over the past decade by Hollywood’s only hope.

Rare cult horror, odd teen dramas, dark comedies, sensational 60s tributes and more! Now available online, wherever DVDs are sold (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, etc.) A sordid combination of old school horror, vintage black comedies and juicy exploitation fare. Each DVD is a one-of-a-kind experience, like going to a drive-in back in the day, except in the comfort of your own home.

Each DVD is three to four hours of shocking, bizarre, and tantalizing entertainment. Packed with cinematic surprises like short subjects, trailers, and intermission cartoons.

Be thrilled and pleasantly surprised with what the Maestro reveals across your screen. Screen at parties, make a double feature night with other cinephile friends, or simply enjoy them alone, as you turn on, tune in and drop out of your semi-important responsibilities.

Just pop the DVD in and let it play, thanks to Frolic’s clever auto-starting video discs. It’s like there’s a projectionist grinding out rare film prints for you at your leisure. These limited edition Frolic Double and Triple features make the perfect show for the avid horror, cult, erotica and exploitation cinema fan.

Order them all!

Premature Birth / Blood School / Madam Ans’ House of Shame

In Premature Birth, a madman kidnaps pregnant teenage girls and uses their unborn babies to make expensive leather goods. In Blood School, a high school girls’ sleepover turns deadly when their teacher shows up with a lust for bloodshed. In Madam Ans’ House of Shame, young women are captured, tortured and forced to do sex acts with strangers or face a horrible death.

The Magical Pyramid / Ballerina Massacre

In The Magical Pyramid, a teenage girl discovers a secret enchanted world and tries to lose her virginity there, amongst a coven of evil witches. In Ballerina Massacre, young, tormented dancers snap and go on a ruthless and erotic killing spree.

The Pleasure Girl Gang / Kittens in Heat / Diary of a Teenage Call Girl

In The Pleasure Girl Gang, two orphaned sisters try to scrap out a living in Cinderella City, used and abused by everyone they cross paths with. It’s a mesmerizing all-female review in glorious two-strip technicolor. In Kittens in Heat, two rival roughie producers go head-to-head to create the ultimate nudie, but trouble arises when a very important reel goes missing. In Diary of a Teenage Call Girl, young ladies of the night take turns turning tricks in a seedy Hollywood hotel room.

Iesha, MySecretary / Cannibals Vs. Virgins

In Iesha, My Secretary, a psychotic woman tries to destroy a blossoming relationship between a hard-working number man and his employee, a mysterious living doll. In Cannibals Vs. Virgins, a group of pre-historic girls must travel though very dangerous wilderness, eager to reach a holy cave where ancient secrets may be revealed to them.

Hot Cats! /Zombie Punx

In Hot Cats!, lingerie models are viscously murdered one-by-one by an unknown killer. In Zombie Punx, some members of a teenage girl band murder their fans and bandmates, some of whom come back from the dead.

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