A comic book anthology that embraces the gruesome, bloody, and manically fun horror section of an 80s VHS rental store…

If you’re old enough…or hip to awesome cinematic lore, you remember the joy of wandering the blissfully bloody aisles of the horror section of your local video store. We’re not talking about the big, brightly-lit stores like Blockbuster, either. We mean the hole-in-the-wall shops, where you could find some deep dive horror movies.

Well, welcome to Video Hell.

Lunchbox Press proudly presents Graveyard Slaughter…

The stories in this comic harken back to the dark, bloody, subversive horror yarns that sat in clamshell boxes on video stores shelves across the country. They’re gruesome and gory and fun horror tales, and we’re all psyched to be part of the book.

Once funded…we plan on delivering you the book by Halloween 2019.

Be kind. Rewind.

Or die.

Co-written by New York Times best-selling author Cullen Bunn and Kevin Watkins

Art provided by legendary Ghost Rider artist, Javier Saltares; rising star Pumpkinhead artist Blacky Shepherd; Gary Bedell and Adam McLaughlin

Letters provided by A Larger World Studios’ Troy Peteri

Introduction provided by Bram Stoker Award winning and best-selling author Paul Tremblay

“Video store wonderment, arcades and slasher gore, everything I wanted when I was 9!” -CM Punk

“Reading this collection felt like stepping back in time to my first reads of Goosebumps, or watching Are you Afraid of the Dark.” -The Convention Collective

“Their 50-page comic book anthology perfectly embraces the bloody madness and nostalgia of classic ’80s VHS gore and those passionately curated horror aisles of the deep-dive video rental stores.” -SyFyWire

Check out these sample pages…

We know it’s been a long time since you probably went to the video store, so why not now? Click the pic and help support this campaign today…

There are plenty of great rewards available in return for your pledge like…

-Graveyard Slaughter Issue 1 physical copy…Original Cover by Gary Bedell

-Graveyard Slaughter Bookmark

-Graveyard Slaughter Issue 1 physical copy…Sketch Cover by Adam McLaughlin

-Super softy Graveyard Slaughter t-shirt

And much more!


Visit “Graveyard Slaughter” on Kickstarter to:

-Read more about the comic & people behind it

-Learn more about all the rewards

-Check out the stretch goals

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