The Slasher App has Launched and IT’S FREE!

It has finally arrived! The official launch of The Slasher App is upon us and horror fanatics can now enjoy Slasher for FREE!



What do we know about The Slasher App so far?

Social Network
Slasher is coming to Android and iOS devices this May. For the first time ever, the horror community will be able to connect in unique and exciting ways. This NEW social network will bring an all inclusive horror experience right to the palm of your hand. Horror fans should expect the unexpected in features that haven’t been available within the community until now.

Make Horror R Again
In light of social networks recently putting restraints on the horror community and others, SLASHER wants to offer a space where such things like the human body being used in horror movies and art aren’t a problem. You deserve a destination that will welcome creativity without such an extreme level of censorship. There is only one solution, “Make Horror R Again”.

Horror Fuel – News & Reviews
SLASHER is teaming with HORROR FUEL to ignite the upcoming SLASHER mobile app with news stories from across the genre. It’s the goal of SLASHER to create a one stop horror experience that will make it easier for horror fans and professionals to find what they’re looking for.

Rue Morgue – News & Reviews
For over 20 years RUE MORGUE has been the leading brand in horror culture and entertainment. SLASHER joins forces with this powerhouse company in what will ultimately be a huge win for horror fans everywhere.

Just Announced – Dating For Horror Fans
Single horror fans no longer need to turn to mainstream dating apps, where finding another horror fan is like finding a needle in a haystack. SLASHER gives you the platform to find that special someone who shares the same passions you do. Free trial (no credit card required) with full access until July 1st, 2019.

Do you still want to know more?

Listen to SLASHER Founder – Damon Della Greca talk more about SLASHER in his NEW podcast:

Slasher Podcast Link:

Instagram: @TheSlasherApp
Twitter: @TheSlasherApp

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2 thoughts on “The Slasher App has Launched and IT’S FREE!

  1. Your Slasher App won’t allow me to sign up for it on my Samsung phone. When I fill in my info including a password and confirming the password and then try to Sign Up, nothing happens. Yet when I looked the app up on Google, it says it’s installed on my phone. It’s not installed. Can you tell me how to fix this? I would like to join your app, but it doesn’t not work properly, at least for me. Thanks. Jon Wittrock

    1. I’m not sure what the issue is. We only shared the press release, but have no control over the app. I would see if you could contact them on one of their social media outlets and see if someone could help you out.

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