Horrorcore Pioneer Ganxsta NIP on Writing Chuckie for Bushwick Bill

We hate doing tribute shows but it was an honor to pay our respects to Bushwick Bill on the Murder Master Music Show. We had former labelmates Yukmouth and Ganxsta NIP on the line paying homage to Bill as well as fellow original Geto Boys member Prince Johnny C Below is a clip of the 3 reminiscing about Bushwick. Ganxsta NIP speaks on the creation of the Bushwick Bill classic Chuckie and Johnny C speaks on seeing Bill just before he got sick. We are proud to have done this show for Bill as he was a regular on MMMS. We miss him and as you can see his fellow Rapalot family does as well. Our thoughts go out to his family!

Yukmouth on meeting Bushwick Bill

We were on the same record label Noo Trybe. In ’95 we had a promotional tour and we made a create relationship with Bushwick on tour. I got to know him real good and after that I signed directly to Rapalot and got to know him better! Shout out to his kids, his wife, everybody at Rapalot that is going through it and everybody that knew him. He was a great dude, great spirit, smart and funny he was sunshine he would come into a room and light that motherfucker up, he was the Little Big Man because he got big man respect.

Next at 7:55 in the clip Prince Johnny C comes on the line to speak about his friend and fellow original Geto Boy

It’s a sad time for me, I was just kicking it with Bill a few months back. Me , Bill and Juke Boxx was in the studio and he worked all night and put it down. I stayed down there with him for a couple of weeks and we had a good time until sickness fell upon him. I miss my brother! A few years ago Big Mike called me and said “Let’s all get together and do something while we are still here!” I was in Houston for the Holidays with Bushwick, Raheem and I talked to Face about it and he was down. We gotta run that past J and get it settled because it still can happen we can make some new Geto Boys shit. I’m coming right back down there and hopefully, we can get up and do something in memory of our boys who have been passing!

Then at 16:30 Ganxsta NIP breaks down watching Child’s Play with Bushwick Bill and writing Chuckie for him when J Prince took the Rapalot Posse to a beach house for the weekend in Galveston Texas

J rented a beach house in Galveston and Face, Me Bill and Rapalot Posse all went down there and we spent the weekend in the beach house. Me and Bill had Chuckie on VHS and we just watched it, then I got a chance to know exactly what he wanted in it. Horrorcore is what I do so it was easy for me to write but Bill wanted certain things in there so I was taking notes. It was just a blessing! I got a gold and a platinum plaque from that.

Check out the 20-minute clip below

Original Source: Murder Master Music Show of www.ugs4life.com
Yukmouth, Prince Johnny C and Ganxsta NIP was interviewed by Prezident Bejda, and Mac Jay on Episode 400 of the Murder Master Music Show

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