Interview with “Clinton Road” Actress Erin O’Brien

Actress Erin O’Brien lends her lungs to the chilling Clinton Road, which is now in select theaters and playing on Demand.

-PH: This is a gorgeous-looking horror movie. Do you consider the location as much a star of the movie as the cast?

-Erin: Thank you ! I agree, I think that the cinematography is really amazing in this film. For Clinton Road, the location was definitely the star. We filmed on the actually clinton road and it definitely delivered a haunting performance. 

How long of a shoot was it?

It was three weeks for me. I think it may have been four weeks total though. 

-PH: Was it all shot in Jersey?

-Erin: Mostly. Only one scene was shot In New York. The club scene, we shot in Chelsea. I love that I got to shoot this film in my home state of New Jersey. 

-PH: And did you have access to the real locations?

Yes absolutely. And I have to say it was so creepy. I think the entire cast and crew could feel the haunting energy on set. I definitely believe the road is really haunted. 

-PH: How far back did you attach yourself to the film?

-Erin: Just a few months before filming began. My good friend and Actor Vincent Young introduced me to the director Steve Stanulis, and now I’m getting ready to do my third film with Steve. 

-PH: And are you a little similar to her?

Sure, in some ways. I think she is more of the fun friend of the group but grounded as well. I thought we had some similar personality traits.

-PH: In terms of the frights, is this a gory movie or a film that relies on suspense, sound and shocks to capture the attention’s breath?

I don’t feel that the movie is too gory, I think it’s more suspenseful. 

-PH: What’s the future hold for you?

I’m getting ready to film Chronicle of a Serial killer this summer with Clinton Road director and my good friend Steve Stanulis. I’m really excited for this one! It’s a very good script. More of a thriller than horror for sure. I’m really looking forward to working with DMX on this and Brendan Sexton. I’ve been a fan of Brendan’s for ever.

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