Norcostco is a national theatrical supply company. We specialize in Costume Rental, Theatrical Lighting, and Makeup for Professional Makeup Artists.

Norcostco is a supplier of costumes, performance makeup, wigs, props, manufacturer of stage drops and draperies, rigging systems, paint and painting supplies, special effects, stage lighting, lamps, dimming systems, and more.

Here are just a few of their many great products…

Zombie Kit – Blood and FX Adder

1382-CMPL – Blood Caps Complete
1361-01 – Fresh Scab 1 oz
620-DK 04 – Dark F/X Blood 4 oz
1350-02 – Liquid Latex 2 oz
1333-01 – Final Seal 1 oz
1330-TC4 – Decay Tooth Colors

Ben Nye Thick Blood

Moist, jam-like texture can be used to fill wounds. Special effects blood that stays put. Scrape” along skin with a stipple sponge for an abrasion or road rash. Washable.

Expect 10-35 applications per ounce.

Ben Nye Liquid Latex

A truly multi-functional product. Apply to stretched skin for aging effects, create extreme blisters, and other wounds. Excellent for sealing Nose & Scar Wax or to mold prosthetic appliances. Fair flesh tone dries almost transparent.

Expect 8-20 applications per ounce.

Ben Nye Basic Training Moulage Kit

The Ben Nye Basic Training Moulage Kit contains all of the essential items needed in order to stage an emergency simulation. Perfect for emergency professionals, this kit has been created to design and execute trauma re-enactments for training purposes. Complete with a Trauma Simulation Guide. See below for a complete list of contents.

This kit is valued at over $160 if purchased separately.
This kit is a guaranteed authentic Ben Nye product.
Norcostco has been an authorized Ben Nye dealer for over 40 years.

Kit Contains:
Crème Product: Master Bruise Wheel (EW4), F/X Burns & Blister Wheel (CK5), Cyanotic Blue Foundation (EF31)
Simulated Blood: Stage Blood, 2 oz. (SB4), Gelatin Blood Capsules, 10 pack (GB1), Thick Blood (TB1)
Moulage Essentials: Nose Wax – Fair, 2 oz. (NW2), Simulated Bone Wax, 2 oz. (BS2), Liquid Latex, 1 oz. (LL1), Charcoal Character Powder (MP5), Plains Dust Powder (MP4), Neutral Set Powder (MP2), 2” Laceration Prosthetic (ME80)
Adhesives & Removers: Spirit Gum (SG1), Spirit Gum Remover (GR2), Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover (QR3)
Professional Tools: Trauma Simulation Guide (EMG), No. 5 Flat Brushes (FB5), Synthetic Sponge – single (LF1), Nylon Stipple Sponge – single (NS1), Velour Powder Puff – single (VP1), Modeling Tool, wood (MT1), Cotton Swab Applicators, 100 pieces (ME5), Moulage Kit Case (PE50)

This kit is a great way for Haunters to become familiar with Ben Nye Moulage products without serious investment. This kit contains a good amount of most of Nye’s line of moulage products to experiment with and determine uses for future needs.

Mehron All Pro CreamBlend Stick Kit

Mehron’s “All Pro” kits are ideally suited for the beginner to the professional. “CreamBlend” Stick delivers exceptional coverage and smooth, easy blending with a non-greasy feel. CreamBlend’s unique formula of premium ingredients is packaged in a convenient precision-made swivel case. Each CreamBlend foundation affords 20-40 applications.

Categorized in 4 kits; Fair, Medium, Dark and Olive.

Kits Contains:
5 Full Size Makeup Bases
6 Accent Shades Including Shadow and Blush Tones
7” Black & Brown Pencil Liners
Bruise ColorRing
Colorset Powder
1 oz. Makeup Remover Lotion
1 oz. Latex with Applicator
1 oz. Hair White w/ Applicator
1 oz. Modeling Putty/Wax
Spirit Gum
Spirit Gum Remover
Stage Blood
Crepe Hair
Non Latex Sponges
2 Stipple Sponges
Professional Powder Brush
Stageline Fine Point Brush
Stageline Brush 3/16”
Velour Powder Puff
Application Guide for aging
Application Guide for common special FX is proud to have Norcostco as one of our awesome sponsors of our SFX Horror Makeup Contest. We can’t thank them enough for the fantastic prizes they allowed us to giveaway! We hope you’ll show them the same support you’ve shown us!

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