New Trailer for “Morbid Colors”

Written and directed by Matthew Packman and co-executive produced by stars Kara Gray and Lanae Hyneman, “Morbid Colors” follows the troubled journey of Devin and Myca, two foster sisters bound by horrific pasts. When Myca returns from a months-long runaway trip with an insatiable thirst for human blood, Devin is hurled into her sister’s relentless quest to hunt down the creature responsible.

Production Credits

Written & Directed By
Matthew Packman

Executive Producers
Kara Gray
Lanae Hyneman

Produced By
Jakob Bilinski
Tye Wilson

Edited By
Matthew Packman

Director of Photography
Matthew Packman

Music Supervisor
Lanae Hyneman

Original Music By
Daniel Roach

Story By
Matthew Packman
Kara Gray



Reed Four is a four piece indie alternative rock band based out of Indiana. Their contribution was a major component of this trailer. The band will be releasing the featured track, “Cocoon (Theatrical)” soon, and is currently up for pre-save on Spotify. More information about the band can be found at:



Official Website:

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