Fear Con 2019 – TWO New Premium Shows for 2019!

Welcome to the Freak Show

Welcome to where the FREAKS gather! Have you heard of “America’s Got Talent”, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”, or the “Guiness Book of World Records”? Well, all of the acts in “Welcome to the FreakShow” have appeared in or on each of them.

Friday, October 11th @ 6:30 pm. www.fearcon.com/welcome-to-the-freakshow

Circus of Terror

The creators of The Vampire Circus have released their new show – “Circus of Terror” which will be premiering at Fear Con 2019!

Saturday, October 12th @ 8:00 pm.

Deep within the dark forest where screams can not be heard, camps the Circus of Terror where the freaks and creatures of the night loom around every corner of the old cemetery. Once inside his big top, you are but a rat in his twisted mind, trying to scratch your way out while not getting consumed by the darkness around you.

Welcome to Bloodynes Carnyville, where the freaks call home. Venture deep into the Bloodypines forest and see where the carnys live, both the living and undead. Be careful as you find your way through though. Some carnys are not thrilled about inviting outsiders into their compound, while others will greet you with open arms….and teeth.

Get ready for a year you won’t want to miss! We are putting all of our time, energy, creativity, and effort into making #FearCon2019 incredible.

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