The Passenger Awaits You…

A Vermont Urban Legend is an upcoming Vermont Folklore Short Horror Film, based on the lady in white hitchhiker ghost tale. This will be Paul Dulski’s debut short film, and is looking to be released by Halloween 2019.

A skeptic of the paranormal picks up a hitchhiker on a desolate road. We’ve heard the lore but did we miss more to the story?


Jeremy Pratico, Tessa Baker, Jason Lorefice, and Flora Davis

Written and directed by:

Paul Dulski

More About Haunted Vermont

Haunted Vermont was created by Paul on 08/26/2012, a 25 year old that has always been interested in the Paranormal ever since I first encountered the unexplainable. “I wanted to create something that everyone would love and not feel alone, and thats how Haunted Vermont was created”. says Paul. But how does the page help with finding or sharing stories? Simple, my followers and I should have heard a lot of stories from back in the day. To prove the stories is completely different, usually if something is true more than one person should have heard or have seen the same thing or maybe another story. Haunted Vermont is here to help collect as many Haunted Locations, Myths or Legends that have came and gone from Vermont. “I want my followers to help me and others learn more about Vermont’s dark hidden history.”

For those who don’t know, Paul runs the Everything Horror Podcast. The podcast has been a champion for horror, especially for crowdfunding campaigns. Now he’s asking for the horror community to help make his film so please click the pic and support this campaign today…

There are some terrific rewards available in return for making a pledge to this campaign like…

-A digital poster

-A copy of the film

-A Haunted Vermont t-shirt

-Be a producer and see your name on IMDB and the movie

Visit The Passenger on Kickstarter to…

-Learn more about the cast

-Find out where you’ll be able to see the film

-Get all of the details on the available rewards

You can also find more at:

And don’t forget to follow the film on Twitter and Instagram, and “Like” it’s Facebook page!

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