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Welcome to Horror Readings by G.M. Danielson. Here, we can discuss all things horror (and all things not)!

I produce my own audiobook readings, primarily horror/suspense fiction, including some of my own stories. I have also expanded my YouTube channel to include poetry, and the sections of some books!

Some of his recent and more popular videos include…

CELEBRATING 20,000 SUBS!! | fan interaction, The Tell-Tale Heart & more

We’ve done it…after 5 years and 360 videos, we’ve reached the next YouTube milestone…20K subscribers! Thanks to YOU my fans for so many views, comments and love!

To celebrate, I am reading some of my most popular narrations LIVE, including The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe & Pickman’s Model by H.P. Lovecraft!

3 More Creepy House Stories | feat. Dr. Creepen & UNIT #522

Track list:

Intro — 00:00:00
The House Down by the Creek — 00:01:34
Story intro — 00:19:50
The Doll House — 00:20:33
Story intro — 00:49:41
My Basement — 00:50:27

3 Creepy Old Lady Stories | NoSleep creepypasta | horror audiobook reading

Story 1:

Carole is a true friend, taking care of great Aunt Elsie in her waning years. One day, Elsie warns Carole of the “monsters among them,” then mysteriously dies…leaving a dark secret from her bitter past hidden in her old house.

Story 2: 

Few one would shower for 21 years after being haunted by night-terrors of a watery death; fewer still if those nightmares became reality. Such is the experience of a young boy, who learns that the neighbor’s dying mother is more than just a creepy old woman…

Story 3: 

Despite her strange manner and haunting appearance, everyone loves Auntie Bells and her cliched if not memorable bracelets of tiny bells…that is, until a young college student discovers what Auntie Bells has been hiding in her old house…

The BEST NoSleep Horror Stories read LIVE | 3 live creepypastas!

Welcome, friends to this 5th demonetization live stream! As of April 18th, my YouTube channel was once more demonetized by YouTube in Demonetization 2.0. Explanations, stories and other pertinant matters follow. Your support more than ever is appreciated.

For this the 40th day of Demonetization 2.0, we will celebration in reverse negative fashion with stories daring and scary, and more deep discussions!

You can find all of his readings on his YouTube Channel at:

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