Cast of the Upcoming THE HEADMISTRESS Movie Announced

Makers of Indie Horror Hit THE NURSERY Announce Cast of New Film & Indiegogo Campaign

The primary location of the upcoming indie horror film THE HEADMISTRESS will be an abandoned nunnery in southern Wisconsin

The makers of last year’s indie horror hit THE NURSERY have announced the cast of their new film, the upcoming supernatural horror-thriller THE HEADMISTRESS…along with a crowdfunding campaign to support the film’s production. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign can be viewed here:

Katherine Bellantone will appear as “Mara”

“We are thrilled to have assembled a talented, versatile cast from across the country, with dozens of TV and film credits among them…including plenty of indie horror,” said the film’s producers, Glenn Chung, Christopher A. Micklos, and Jay Sapiro.

Thomas J. McCarthy will appear as “Donovan”

The ensemble cast of THE HEADMISTRESS will be led by Chicago-based actress Katherine Bellantone, and includes Thomas J. McCarthy, Ayden Skye, Tom Dacey Carr, Hunter O’Harrow, DeChantel Kosmatka, David Sapiro, and Valerie Meachum. Photos of the cast can be found at

Ayden Skye will appear as “Ani”

In THE HEADMISTRESS, a debt-ridden young teacher inherits an abandoned lakefront inn; and when she takes a group of potential buyers to visit the property, they discover a dark, sinister secret…as well as a malignant supernatural presence determined to keep them there forever. The film will be shot on location at an abandoned lakeside nunnery in southern Wisconsin.

Tom Dacey Carr will appear as “Pete”

Through their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the filmmakers are seeking funds to support expenses related to the cast and crew, wardrobe and set dressing, and makeup and practical effects.

Hunter O’Harrow will appear as “Dex”

“On our first film, the support raised from our awesome Indiegogo contributors was absolutely critical to our ability to produce a film with such high production values,” the filmmakers noted, “and it will be equally important on THE HEADMISTRESS!”

DeChantel Kosmatka will appear as “Nikii”

THE HEADMISTRESS is the second feature from Three Tortured Minds. Their award-winning first film, THE NURSERY, was released last year by Uncork’d Entertainment and is widely available on DVD, cable- and satellite-on-demand, and on multiple digital streaming services, including iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Tubi, and many more. Reviewers called THE NURSERY “chilling”, “awesome”, “creepy as hell”, “a real surprise”, and “one of the best horror films to come out of 2018”!

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