Interview with “Expo” Director Joseph Mbah

Horror and Sci-Fi staple Joseph Mbah (Krampus The Reckoning, Krampus Origins ) talks about his back catalogue and latest film, which he also directed, Expo.

-PH: We know you best for your horror and sci-fi work, can you talk briefly about some of the films you’ve been involved in over the years?

-Joseph: I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in different projects from shorts to feature films, but the most memorable horror and sci-fi was a Paradox Universe short series. One short I enjoyed mostly is called “Possession”…

-PH: And a number of those films have been with Uncork’d Entertainment by looks? How do they support independent fare as opposed to some of the other distributors in town?

-Joseph: While I have worked on projects backed by Uncork’d Entertainment in the past I have not had any direct working relationship with them so it is hard to say how they compare to other distributors. But from my perspective in the position that I have been in, I would say that they are one of the better distributors in the market.

PH: What was the appeal of working on the Krampus films?

-Joseph: The appeal of working on the Krampus films was working with talented cast and crew.

-PH: Have you a favorite of the Krampus films you worked on?

-Joseph: I don’t really have a favorite.

-PH: In a few words, what’s Expo about?

-Joseph: Expo is about a man who is falsely accused of a crime and his journey to clear his name.

-PH: And what makes the bad guy tick?

-Joseph: The bad guy gets to his most heated when he feels rushed.

-PH: Who does Derek Davenport play? What makes him the hero he is?

-Joseph: Derek Davenport plays Richard and what makes him a hero is his strong will to put everything right even when things are going very wrong.

-PH: I imagine it was hard to find an actor who could do everything g that Derek does in the film?

-Joseph: Yes, I knew that if I could not get Derek that it would be incredibly difficult to find someone with the same amount of dedication, passion and work ethic that Derek Davenport brought to the project.

-PH: Always been a fan of action-thrillers?

-Joseph: Yes, from childhood I have been a fan if action-thrillers.

-PH: Why do you think this is a genre that’s appeal never wanes?

-Joseph: The simplest answer I can give is that it is an entertaining genre that continues to be innovative.

-PH: Do you find it easy to watch your work back?

-Joseph: For the most part yes, I watch my work many times during the making process, but after seeing it so many times the only way I can watch it is if I am showing it to others.

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