Interview with “Expo” Director Joseph Mbah

Horror and Sci-Fi staple Joseph Mbah (Krampus The Reckoning, Krampus Origins ) talks about his back catalogue and latest film, which he also directed, Expo.

-PH: We know you best for your horror and sci-fi work, can you talk briefly about some of the films you’ve been involved in over the years?

-Joseph: I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in different projects from shorts to feature films, but the most memorable horror and sci-fi was a Paradox Universe short series. One short I enjoyed mostly is called “Possession”…

-PH: And a number of those films have been with Uncork’d Entertainment by looks? How do they support independent fare as opposed to some of the other distributors in town?

-Joseph: While I have worked on projects backed by Uncork’d Entertainment in the past I have not had any direct working relationship with them so it is hard to say how they compare to other distributors. But from my perspective in the position that I have been in, I would say that they are one of the better distributors in the market.

PH: What was the appeal of working on the Krampus films?

-Joseph: The appeal of working on the Krampus films was working with talented cast and crew.

-PH: Have you a favorite of the Krampus films you worked on?

-Joseph: I don’t really have a favorite.

-PH: In a few words, what’s Expo about?

-Joseph: Expo is about a man who is falsely accused of a crime and his journey to clear his name.

-PH: And what makes the bad guy tick?

-Joseph: The bad guy gets to his most heated when he feels rushed.

-PH: Who does Derek Davenport play? What makes him the hero he is?

-Joseph: Derek Davenport plays Richard and what makes him a hero is his strong will to put everything right even when things are going very wrong.

-PH: I imagine it was hard to find an actor who could do everything g that Derek does in the film?

-Joseph: Yes, I knew that if I could not get Derek that it would be incredibly difficult to find someone with the same amount of dedication, passion and work ethic that Derek Davenport brought to the project.

-PH: Always been a fan of action-thrillers?

-Joseph: Yes, from childhood I have been a fan if action-thrillers.

-PH: Why do you think this is a genre that’s appeal never wanes?

-Joseph: The simplest answer I can give is that it is an entertaining genre that continues to be innovative.

-PH: Do you find it easy to watch your work back?

-Joseph: For the most part yes, I watch my work many times during the making process, but after seeing it so many times the only way I can watch it is if I am showing it to others.

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One thought on “Interview with “Expo” Director Joseph Mbah

  1. The previous films in the Krampus trilogy were awful but at least they had nudity and graphic violence to keep viewers entertained. Origins had neither for some ridiculous reason, so I didn’t even bother watching.

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