“Tony is an absolute genius artist…”

The Movie Workshop designs and makes steel sculptures, and various artwork based on Horror, Sci-Fi, and Comic Books.

“I make these for fun and to relax in my spare time its great create something different that people have not seen before the feedback that I get from people is fantastic and much appreciated, I have been doing this now for about 8 years when I get time between work and my family but it is awesome to do something that you enjoy and hopefully others enjoy too.”

Check out just a few of the fantastic works of art found at The Movie Workshop…

Phantasm The Ball Tombstone Version

This piece is based upon the tombstone from the original poster artwork the ball and forks are made from stainless steel which is mounted on a wooden plaque so that the piece can be wall hung the ball is 100 mm in diameter and the fork protrude approx 60 mm as these pieces are individually made they may differ slightly from the original photos.

Halloween Original Movie Poster Sculpture

This piece is based upon the original movie poster artwork the piece is made from individual pieces of stainless steel it the hand is made from wood as is the base the pumpkin is finished in enamel paints, these pieces are custom handmade and may differ slightly from the original photos.

Silent Hill Based Pyramid Head Helmet and Letter Opener

This piece is based upon the great Pyramid Head character from The Silent Hill movies and games the piece comprises of a stainless steel pyramid helmet which has lots of detail and finished with red enamel paint to give the effect of blood an oversized knife letter opener and a wooden stand with arms, Leather and finished in wood stain and enamel paints.

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Hockey Mask Machete and Camp Crystal Lake Sign

This piece looks awesome is based upon the amazing Friday the 13th Jason the hockey mask is made from stainless steel and finished with leather strapping and enamel paint the machete (letter opener) is also made from stainless steel and finished with a wooden handle the stand and sign are made from wood stained and the sign is hand painted using enamel paints. Please note that these pieces are individually made and may differ slightly to the original photos.

Gremlins Stripe Gizmo’s Prize

This is a piece based upon the character Stripe from the amazing Gremlins movie, made from stainless steel the piece measures 180mm high 250mm wide and is 120mm deep the head is made from steel with a wooden insert for the inner mouth and then all finished in enamel paints and clear lacquer. The back mount is made from laminated wood with Stripe engraved at the top embossed in black then finished in wall nut wood stain.

The Thing Norris Creature

This is my one off custom version of the Norris creature from The Thing I carved the head from wood and gave him stainless steel limbs finished in enamel paints and clear gloss for the slimy effect he measures approx 8″ wide 4″ high and 5″deep. I wanted to make Norris for a while as he was one of my favourite creatures from The Thing my two twenty something sons say he is really creepy and I have to admit he is something different I am sure he moves when your not looking,This is a one off custom piece and I will be making a wooden stand for him I will add extra pics when made.


“I was looking for a one-of-a-kind piece and Tony made me exactly that. He is very friendly and corteous and offered nice suggestions but still included my ideas and wishes in his sketches (in the end I didn’t even choose something with my ideas, because I liked his so much better). The piece looks amazing and was done very fast, so thank you again Tony!  If I ever need something special like this again I know where to go!”

“Beautiful piece, down to the last detail I love this piece it is without a doubt of my favorites and Tony is an absolute genius artist!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TONY, create with confidence!!!!!!!!”

“My brother loved it! Looked even better than the sample photos in the listing, couldn’t have asked for a better piece. It’ll forever be displayed in his collection, it’s truly a work of art. The colors of the sculpt were painstakingly accurate too (with accordance to the original Halloween poster) which was greatly appreciated. Thank-you very much!”

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