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We are excited you stopped by. In case you’re new to the world of The CULTSHOW, let’s start by telling you what it is we’re doing here.

Firstly, we are a webshow and podcast dedicated to the world of 80’s movies. We particularly love, love, LOVE 80’s horror! However, we enjoy celebrating all genres from this most radical decade. Heck, we’ll even talk about music, television and food. Anything that brings us back to that warm, neon glow of the 1980’s.

Secondly, we are a companion show to the CULT Film Series – A live screening series held at the Roxy Cinemas 14 in downtown Santa Rosa, CA. We discuss films shown at the CULT Film Series, but have no fear, attendance is not necessary to fully enjoy The CULTSHOW.


Kelly Hitman, Caleb Dix, and Neil Pearlmutter

Here are some of their recent episodes to watch…

Greetings all you Fred Heads! Welcome back! Thanks for joining us on our 35th anniversary celebration episode of A Nightmare on Elm Street! This super sized episode we discuss this wonderful film, touch upon the sequels and dive deep into Freddy Krueger as a pop icon, including unboxing a talking Freddy doll from 1989! As you may have figured out by now, Neil is a super Freddy fan and he talks about how the horror icon affected his life….

Horror/Sci-Fi News & Reviews…
Welcome to your quick pick of genre news. This episode we talk Halloween 2 & 3 release dates, the newest IT: Chapter 2 trailer, RoboCop and Terminator sequels. Its a sequel extravaganza!…

Horror Movie Review ~
Welcome back friends to Episode 13! Today we discuss the wonderful summer camp slasher flick The Burning from 1981. We talk special effects legend and Neil’s man crush, Tom Savini…early 80’s horror and even taste some New Coke! And to top it all off, we have Lance Ozanix of thrash metal band Skitzo sitting on the couch assuming guest host duties. There may be talk of colored puke…!

Horror News & Reviews…
Welcome to your quick pick of genre news. This episode we cover Ghostbusters 3, Halloween 2, Dr. Sleep, Knives Out and so much more…

You’re about to enter into another dimension. A dimension not only of site and sound, but of laughter. A journey into a wondrous video-cast who’s boundaries are that of poor taste. Next stop, The Twilight Zone The Movie with special guest host Jeffrey Weissman….dee doo doo doo dee doo doo doo…

Read a good book lately…?

Our guests sure have. This episode we talk with the superstars of podcasting Sandra and Scott, the Genre Junkies! They know just about everything with regards to horror, fantasy and sci-fi literature AND they are sharing their favorites with us. We talk movie adaptations with an emphasis on Stephen King, but dive into Jaws, take a stab at A Clockwork Orange and reminisce about The Princess Bride and The Neverending Story.

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