Whether you’ve seen the film or not one thing is for certain, Spaceship Terror has taken the indie film experience to a new level. These films are made on the cheap but this little film is considered one of the most grotesque of splatter films out today. It’s been called everything from sick to brilliant. Harry Tchinski the Writer-Director of the film has been called everything from the Andy Warhol of Low Budget films to a hater of women do to the excessive violence in his films. Of course, most of these excessive violence statements come from those that do not understand the genre or are not true fans of Gore Horror/Slasher films.

Spaceship Terror did not find it’s fan base here in the United States for some time but Japan was the first country outside the U.S to discover the film. SGL Entertainment picked up the film in November 2017 pushing the film hard and getting into other countries around the world which includes parts of Europe.

“SGL Entertainment have taken this little film under their low budget Distribution indie wings and has made the film shine”. Harry Tchinski said at a round table discussion of Today’s Low Budget Film Distribution.

Suddenly the U.S started to show signs of small robust excitement for the film and it started to be shown in bars and small group showings around the U.S. Since then SGL Entertainment under the command of Jeffery Swanson has taken the film to new heights which includes putting it on a multitude of streaming platforms and getting it into all the big online stores here in the U.S.

Today’s streaming distribution is basically new in the sense that the payout for films is small and getting on one of the big streaming sites takes a well-groomed Distributor with connections. On top of that, getting the film seen by enough eyes to help the film pay for itself is another gigantic hurtle that these small films face. That’s where Bloggers, Interviews, Reviews and Radio Stations come in. We’ve decided to “take the bull by the horns” so to speak and reach out to some of our favorite Bloggers, Interviews, Reviewers, and radio stations. We’re hoping to add to the excitement about the film Spaceship Terror and possibly help get the word out on the film by talking with Harry Tchinski on your Blog, Interview, Review and/or radio station, and if that’s not possible maybe a review of the film would help.

” I think one of the things that make the film desirable Is the low budget Grind-House look that the film brings with it.” Harry Tchinski the Director Writer of the film said. ” It’s not glossy with a Hollywood budget. It’s more down and dirty. I think that’s the attraction to the film”.

We believed that getting the film on tubi tv would be a good time to push the film to the rest of the public because tubi tv is the fasted growing streaming site out today. As of Aug 16th, the film is now showing on the tubi tv FREE streaming site. They can see it with a smartphone, computer, Roku type hookup or cable system.

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