Wesley Alley and Darren Lynn Bousman’s Latest Short Film Premieres

Wesley Alley, Three Tales Productions, and Darren Lynn Bousman’s present Good Girl, premiering as a Semi-Finalist at the Burbank International Film Festival

Three Tales Productions and Darren Lynn Bousman announce that their short film Good Girl will be having its premiere at the Burbank International Film Festival, where the film is also a Semi-Finalist. The film will screen on Saturday, September 7th at 7pm at the AMC Burbank.

Good Girl is a seemingly romantic story that follows a couple celebrating their 10-year
anniversary, but we soon find out that the occasion they are celebrating is far more

The film is produced by Three Tales Productions and Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III,
IV, IX) and directed by Wesley Alley (The Voices, SockMonster). The film stars Zack
Ward (A Christmas Story, Resident Evil: Apocalypse) and Amanda Markowitz (The
Voices, Love Meet Hope). It was edited by Derek Larsen of Blumhouse Productions.

The team promises a dark, emotional, and suspenseful thriller that audiences will love.

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