Some Stories Should Never Be Told…

Jack Travis is an irreverent playwright notorious for scaring audiences. But as he obsesses over creating a new show set in a remote Scottish castle with a dark history, disturbances from deep within the walls begin to prey on his troubled daughter. Jack is soon forced to reckon with the unsettling consequences unfolding around him, but will he realise the danger of unearthing an historic curse before he damns himself and those he loves forever?

A film by: the Watts Brothers

Story by: Fionn and Toby Watts

Written by: Toby Watts

Produced and Directed by: Fionn and Toby Watts

Starring: William J Holstead, Grace Courtney, Helen Mackay, James Rottger, Rebecca Calienda, Eilidh McLaughlin, and Mathilde Darmady

Interesting fact!
The film was shot entirely in Caithness, a county in far north Scotland, and PLAYHOUSE is the first feature film that has ever been entirely shot in the county!

PLAYHOUSE will appeal to fans of The Shining, Sinister and other supernatural or haunted house movies.

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Behind the scenes pics…

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