Squee Interviews Archive Project

Help Create a Fangrrrl Archive

Since beginning The Squee Project in 2012, I have recorded interviews with hundreds of women, femmes & non-binary fans.

Initially, I had planned to produce a documentary about their contributions to fandom but there were too many interviews to organize into a narrative. We attempted to do a web series, but again we had way too much content.

We need yor help to organize all the interviews into a free public database so that the interviews are available for researchers and fans.

In order to do this project justice, we need to fund a platform for the videos, transcribe the interviews so they are accessible to everyone and set up a search system.

We’d love to have help from librarians or skilled archivists to help us organize the materials. If you’d like to participate or support the project, this is a great opportunity and you’d be helping to bring the contributions of all these fans to light.

Please help by donating, volunteering or spreading the word!


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