Delusion: Alt Delete Preview Nights!


Preview Weekends offers audiences a whole new kind of Delusion.

For the first time Delusion in partnership with The Great Company, Los Angeles’ premiere interactive theatre, continues the story from an original episode in an all-new adventure.

Each year Delusion has set the bar for interactive storytelling, which can be seen in this behind the scenes look at the original Blue Blade, pushing the envelope on stunts, special effects, and a living score that places audiences in the center of the action.

Last year audiences were introduced to the mysterious Safeguard Society and tasked with hunting down rogue scientist Evelyn Lowell through time! Evelyn had stolen the most powerful weapon in existence: the Blue Blade. With it, she was able to sever the threads of history and rewrite the stories of the highest bidders.

Yet all was not as it seemed with the Safeguard Society, who harbored dark secrets of their own.

Now the saga of the Blue Blade continues in Alt Delete, an all new twist on the traditional Delusion experience. Alt Delete finds our rogue agents, the audience, working for Evelyn on a mission impossible style adventure back to the 1980’s. As her Underwriters, guests will be sent to break into the Safeguard Society computer labs to erase all traces of Evelyn and themselves from existence.

Audiences play their part in a fast, high stakes game filled with puzzles and unique challenges, re-envisioning just what Jon Braver’s brand of Delusion storytelling can be. Guests will encounter signature stunts, special effects, and live score they’ve come to expect from Delusion, with a brand new perspective.

Can the Safeguard Society be deceived? Can Evelyn further her grasp on time and space? Will our rogue agents make it back in time? Get a sneak peak during two Preview Weekends as the first audiences take up the challenge of Alt Delete at The Dragon and Meeple, LA’s first tabletop gaming pub.

Alt Delete Preview Weekends will take place starting Wednesday, September 18th to Sunday, September 22nd then continues on Wednesday September 25th to Sunday, September 29th.

The Great Company (GreatCo) is a Los Angeles-based experiential studio that collaborates with IP rights holders, global brands, and cultural institutions to produce interactive installations and immersive experiences that connect audiences in meaningful ways and transform the perception of time and reality. GreatCo’s work includes collaborations with Marvel Studios, PepsiCo, and The Smithsonian Institution.

In a new era of storytelling, Delusion (#playyourpart) remains one of the most popular interactive events with an absolute commitment to quality and originality. Delusion began in 2011 as a passion project for creator Jon Braver and for six seasons has captivated sold-out audiences, thrusting them into an otherworldly adventure where they must play their parts in order to move the story forward. Live actors, creature effects, stunts, elaborate set design, and an original score weave together a tale unlike any other.

The Dragon and Meeple is Los Angeles’ first tabletop gaming pub. With a library of over 500 board games and a top flight lunch and dinner menu, guests can play and dine while enjoying some of California’s best craft beers. The Dragon and Meeple is excited to be working with The Great Company and Delusion to bring their next show to life in a venue dedicated to play.

WHAT: Alt Delete
Where: 3742 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90007When: September 18th, 2019 through December 15th, 2019 Shows run every Wednesday – Sunday from 5:40pm – 11:40pm Tickets: Tickets are on sale now Social Media: @thegreatcompany | @enterdelusion | #playyourpart #bluebladesaga

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