The Electric Head: GO TO HELL! Wednesday 23rd October 7.15pm At Pleasance Theatre Stage Space

The Electric Head: GO TO HELL! Wednesday 23rd October 7.15pm At Pleasance Theatre Stage Space as part of the London Horror Festival 2019 Sponsored by Horror Channel and PS Publishing

UK Independent Horror Stars return to their roots for the UK’s largest festival of live horror performance.

The Electric Head: ‘GO TO HELL!’

Writer / Director Al Ronald (Dark Shadows / Doctor Who / Death Tales) and Actor Cy Henty ( Hellbride / KillerKiller / Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown) met filming Pat Higgins’ KillerKiller in a disused Victorian Asylum back in 2014 where they formed darkly surreal Comedy double-act The Electric Head.

Since then they’ve worked with Mighty Boosh Producer Ali Macphail, the head of Radio 4 Comedy, had sell-out shows at The Camden Fringe, recorded a series of live radio shows and 4 series of Podcasts and currently perform a monthly impro show. This Halloween they launch their new show ‘GO TO HELL!’ at The London Horror Festival. Described as a ‘Divinely Comic’ retelling of Dante’s Inferno, it is their most ambitious project to date and sees them return to their roots in the horror genre.

As their villain tells the protagonist shortly before pushing him out of a ten storey window,
‘Above breathing, above screaming for help, laughter always wins control of your larynx. Laughter is trying to kill you. I’d avoid it at all costs.’

‘If there’s a time that Dante’s Medieval vision of Hell needed updating – that time is now,’ say the boys. ‘We’re intensely proud of this show which combines both our love of horror and dark surreal comedy and will take the audience on a journey where they’ll discover that after 700 years, Hell has had to modernise.’

So, if you’re dying to tell reality it can ‘GO TO HELL’ why not accompany The Electric Head on a hilarious trip into the dark heart of modern society this Halloween.

The Electric Head: ‘GO TO HELL!’ premieres at The London Horror Festival at the StageSpace Pleasance Theatre on Wednesday the 23rd October 2019 at 7.15pm.

Box Office 020 7609 1800
Pleasance Carpenters Mews North Rd London N7 9EF

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