The 19th Annual Shriekfest DAY ONE!

Tonight is the opening night party! We kick off our 19th year with a bang! 7PM, red carpet starts BY invite only for the 7PM carpet) ! 8PM open to public $10.00 (includes 1 free screening of your choice at the festival, food, dj, and dancing!)

HAPPY HOUR IS 8-9 $6 BEER, WELLS, WINE Shriektini $8.00 all night
Full bar (no host)

Bar Sinister/Boardners

1652 North Cherokee Ave
Hollywood CA

Come dance with DJ Pervula and mingle with the horror peeps! If you are into horror, tonight is a MUST! Last year we had over 500 people! for the full schedule and to see trailers of this years films.

All Shriekfest screenings take place at the Iconic Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave in Hollywood. One of the top screening facilities in Los Angeles!

View the complete schedule and purchase tickets here! Once online ticket sales close, you will still be able to purchase tickets at the door, CASH ONLY!


Opening Night film 7:00PM The WORLD PREMIERE of “Greenlight”, 9:00 PM the U.S PREMIERE of “Portal”, and 10:40PM the L.A PREMIERE of “Artik”.


7:00 PM – 8:24 PM

Director Jack Archer (Chase Williamson) can’t seem to catch a break in Hollywood. Ambitions of directing his first feature film are hopeless. Enter B-movie producer Bob Moseby (Chris Browning) who sees Jack for what he truly is, a talented filmmaker. He offers Jack the opportunity to direct his first feature. However, Jack’s dream job quickly descends into a nightmare…

9:00 PM – 10:16PM

When an ambitious ghost hunter performs a risky ritual, opening a portal to “the other side”, he and his team quickly find themselves way in over their heads in a fight for survival against an ancient demonic force.

10:40 PM – 11:57 AM

A comic book obsessed serial killer’s sinister plan to train his son to be his replacement is interrupted when the young boy lures a well-meaning stranger, Holton, back to their secluded farm threatening to expose their families terrifying secret.

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