Where Death is the Only Collateral Accepted…

A music band traveling to Mississippi for a big audition spends the night in a house from an online vacation site, only to find it secretly inhabited by mysterious, deranged figures who want them all dead.


Kayla Brianna Smith (Ambitions, Star), Zach Tinker (Young and the Restless), Samuel Monroe Jr (Set it Off, Menace to Society) and Alisha Mullally (Thirteen Reasons Why)

Directed and written by:

J. Writer Ward

World Premiere

Edmonton Festival of Fear International Film Festival

Edmonton, Canada

Sunday, Oct 13th, 3:40pm – 5:00pm – Feature Film

Director J. Writer Ward will be in Attendance

Nominated for:

-Best Feature Film

-Best First Time Director Feature Film

-Best Actor Levi Bradley

-Best Actress Alisha Mullally

-Best Cinematography Michael Williams

For more info on the World Premiere, visit the Festival of Fear at:

You can also find writer/director J. Writer Ward on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and IMDB!

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