Bloody Disgusting wrote, “The story is heavily worded with violently descriptive passages…the narrative is what really sells this book…stylistically nightmarish, unnerving, and sometimes ambiguous, artwork enhances his writing in the most extreme and beautifully disturbing ways; but there’s no doubt that this piece of writing can stand on its own”…

In the backwoods farmland of Rural-Nowhere, USA, there is screaming, sobbing, then silence. A breeze washes over a sea of grass. One group of nameless, college-aged fodder becomes the plaything of The Family. Cannibalistic sadists. Evil and cliche all at once. The day retreats. Night falls. Amid the torture and terror a killer arrives. Lucas. Massive, resolved, the nightmare of nightmares. Over the remaining hours of the night Lucas usurps The Family”s reign. He overtakes their home, their routine, their confidence. He sends their twisted world into chaos, and one by one, the family bows to the finality of the judgment that comes against them!

“Lucas is bloody, brutal, beautiful and brilliant. The graphics are perfect to the story line. David Murdoch has written a master piece in graphic novellas. I wait in anticipation for the movie.”

While there isn’t a movie, after a long wait book two is finally here…

Lucas: Book Two is the follow up to the graphic novella Lucas, published in 2012 by Arcana Studio Press. This next installment brings together the original tale with four new stories. Lucas, The Road Trip, Doomsayer, and Judicium are being presented as four, staggered tales that will round out the unpredictable, violent, and seemingly opaque nature of Lucas. The final tale, Newborn, will explore his terrible beginning.

From Artist and writer:

David Murdoch

Expect around 160 pages of the gritty, visceral artwork driven along with the depraved and cutting prose writing that captivated readers the first time around.

This book will be limited, and the basis for the next phases of Lucas of you which you, the backer, are being invited exclusively to join. Be there first! There’s so much horror that awaits! 

Get your copy and support the campaign today at:


There are plenty of must have rewards available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

-The graphic novella

-10 trading cards

-5 art pieces from various artists

-Exclusive access to the private beta of Lucas: Chapter One, the video game adaptation of Lucas which is currently starting development

Visit ‘Lucas: Book Two’ on Indiegogo to…

-Learn more about the book

-Find out more about all the available rewards

-View the game teaser

And don’t forget to follow David on Twitter, and “Like” his Facebook page!

Additional information can be found in this interview of David at The Last Knock Horror Podcast!

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