Paranoia Turns Bloody in Screamfest’s World Premiere of ‘GLASS CABIN’

Paranoia Turns Bloody in Screamfest’s World Premiere of GLASS CABIN.
By horror filmmaking duo Maya Korn and Can Türedi

Genre producer Maya Korn of MHK Productions is proud to announce the World Premiere of Glass Cabin at Hollywood’s leading horror film festival Screamfest LA. The bloody psychological thriller is written and directed by Can Türedi of ADA Films, produced by Luca Marcovici, and executive produced by Maya Korn herself, all Columbia MFA graduates. The spine-chilling short stars Revell Carpenter (Cypress Cake, Queen Mab Was Here) as Scarlett and newcomer David Mar Stefansson as David the caretaker.

© Can Türedi

In Glass Cabin, Scarlett, a tennis player staying at an isolated cabin in the woods, struggles with paranoia after becoming convinced that the caretaker of the rented place has malicious intentions for her. The film seeks to provoke the exploration of relatable themes of paranoia and isolation in adverse weather circumstances. Who is the home invader? Does he exist or is it merely in the character’s mind?

“This story really spoke to me as a woman. Sometimes we just don’t feel safe when a man catcalls us or approaches us. I recognised the paranoia of our character Scarlett,” says executive producer Maya Korn. “Of course, there’s also something really intriguing in the ambiguity established in this story. We don’t know if the caretaker means Scarlett harm or is he just stranded in a snowstorm as he pretends to be. I find that this film perfectly captures that ambivalence,” she adds.

© Can Türedi

Maya Korn was fascinated by director Can Türedi’s work, whose interest in storytelling revolves around the themes of isolation and paranoia in the psychological thriller genre. When Maya selects the projects and filmmakers that she wants to support, story is always her main focus.

“My background is an English Literature BA, Film Theory MA and Filmmaking MFA which has given me an academic way of approaching projects and respect for story over financial viability. I see myself as a creative partner, developing the story with the director, however long it takes,” Maya Korn explains. “As a woman, female stories are very important to me, which is why I was attracted to the script of Glass Cabin,” she concludes.

© Can Türedi

Glass Cabin’s cast and crew will be present at their World Premiere screening at Screamfest LA.

Screening Information
Sunday, October 13, 2019 – 4:00pm
TCL Chinese Theatre 6
6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028, USA

For tickets visit HERE

Glass Cabin is an Ada Film Production. Written, directed and edited by Can Türedi. Starring Revell Carpenter (Scarlett), David Mar Stefansson (Caretaker) and Jabari Amir Jones (Tennis Coach). Produced by Luca Marcovici. Executive produced by Maya Korn of MHK Productions. Cinematography by Vasilios Sfinarolakis. Production Design by Ece Diler. Production Sound by Vera Quispe. Original score by Deniz Nurhat.

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