TWIN PEAKS-Themed Band A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE Announces FINAL Performance of The Laura Palmer Deviations

Brooklyn’s “Occult Electronic” Band A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE Presents:

“Black Lodge/White Noise: A Halloween Tribute Party Celebrating DAVID LYNCH and DAVID BOWIE.”

Featuring the FINAL performance of David Lynch Foundation’s commissioned piece: LAURA PALMER DEVIATIONS

Brooklyn-based “occult electronic” band A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE are pleased to announce the final performance of their David Lynch Foundation – commissioned piece, “Laura Palmer Deviations.”

The evening will also feature themed performances, DJ sets, surprises, giveaways and live bands. Costumes/cosplay HIGHLY encouraged. Prizes and giveaways will be handed out.

Friday, October 25 @
3 Dollar Bill, Brooklyn


A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE + Liberty Rose performing “The Laura Palmer Deviations” FOR THE LAST TIME

Originally commissioned by The David Lynch Foundation, “The Laura Palmer Deviations” is a music, video and movement piece created by New York’s A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE and Philadelphia’s Liberty Rose

Through the use of Palmer family home videos, found footage, and ephemera, as well as music touching on the ambient, techno, noise, and pop genres, the tragic story of the final, lost moments in the life of Laura Palmer is told.

“If you’ve missed A Place Both Wonderful and Strange’s visual performance of the album, paired with “lost/found footage, known snapshots, and ephemera,” please enjoy it from start to finish, allowing the noise to transport you to “the terrifying last hours in the short and tragic life of Laura Palmer.”- Audiofemme

“Eccentric and beautifully dark.” – Huffington Post

Featured Performances:

Meviu§ (DJ set)
Adventure[s] (DJ set)

Winkie (live)
The sound of drowning

Del Judas (live)
Charred and scorched-earth Americana.

a place both wonderful and strange + Liberty Rose performing “The Laura Palmer Deviations” FOR THE LAST TIME

F__k You, Tammy
A trip through the sonic cinema sounds of Lynch + Badalamenti. That’s right, fuck you, Albert.

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