Putting Laughter in Slaughter: a fast, fun, deadly collaborate tabletop storytelling game where everyone’s expendable!

Slaughter is a card-based horror game where you and your friends collaboratively spin outrageous horror movies. Every story is unique. Every story wildly imaginative.

With Slaughter, you will create lovable, fun and ultimately flawed characters… and then take sinful pleasure in killing them off in ghastly ways.

Yes, this is a game all about the darker side of human – and inhuman – nature. But it also has a sense of humor.

After all, you can’t have Slaughter, without Laughter!

The game rules are decidedly simple. Perfect for introducing friends to gaming, or for getting the regular gaming gang together for an evening of murder and mayhem.

In Slaughter, you use cards to represent the tropes of horror movies. By mixing and matching these trope cards, you can weave a complex horror movie that will have you guessing right up to the very end credits.

Out of the box, we provide decks of cards for the two most popular horror movie genres: slashers and zombie movies.

Of course, you can mix and match cards and mess with the tropes! Want aliens infecting a space station? Then replace the zombies with xenos terrors, complete with their own special effect tropes, and set them against your poor astronauts! How about an Aztec vampire hunting people in New York? Make the serial killer have supernatural power and off you go!

There are no limits to your the movies your can create. Just add imagination and off you go!


In most horror games, players spend all their time trying to keep their characters alive.

Not in Slaughter!

The whole idea is to kill off the movie’s cast in gloriously terrible ways! A unique Death Point mechanic rewards players for killing off their character and cast. And replacing a player’s character from the available cast of extras takes less than a minute. As the movie progresses, and the body count climbs, the surviving cast get more and more desperate and take increasingly bolder risks.


-Horror movies – with plenty of twists?
-Role-playing games – that are fast & fun
-Creating stories – that surprise at every turn

If so, you’ll love Slaughter: The Horror Movie-Making Card Game! And how do you get your hands on the game? Click the pic, support the campaign today, and a game will be in your hands before you know it…

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