BOY EATS GIRL: A Zombie Love Story
Award-Winning Short Film, Zombie Meets Romantic Comedy Mash-Up

In this award-winning, seven-minute short, two zombies meet cute while fighting over a dead woman’s intestines. In the grand tradition of romantic comedy, miscommunication and heartbreak ensue, jealousy rears its ugly head, and our couple must decide if what they have is real or just one more bloody disappointment. Their brains have died…but not their hearts.

BOY EATS GIRL won the “Best Halloween Teaser Film” from the Lady Filmmakers Festival. The film is also an Official Selection of The Boston Film Festival, The Portland Film Festival, and The Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Film Festival and is set to be screened at the Twin Falls SANDWICHES Film Festival and the LA Comedy Film Festival,with more to come.

A female-helmed film, Boy Eats Girl was directed by Sarah Gurfield (The Donors, Thumb), written by Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin (Mulan, Christmas Perfection), and produced by Liz Vacovec (Bones, 30 Nights). The film stars Alex Ryan (2 Broke Girls, The Loud House, The West Wing), Brandon W. Jones (Pretty Little Liars, The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt), and Annie Abrams (True Blood, How I Met Your Mother).

“I love a good battle of the sexes: the best rom-coms are funny, heartwarming, and life-affirming. I wanted to pay tribute to some of my favorites while poking fun at classic tropes of the genre. Imagining those emotional exchanges between blood-covered zombies, who communicate the entire story without a single word of dialogue, made me laugh every time I read the script.

I also wanted to work with as many talented, energetic, driven women as possible. This film is written, directed, and produced by women. We are proud to put our stamp on this genre piece, with the twist that a woman’s appetite, both sexual and literal, drives the narrative.”

Shot on location in Agoura Hills, CA, principal photography was an inspiring lesson in female-run sets. Two crew members were pregnant, and the director was pumping between set-ups.

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