‘Rise of the Harvester: Book 3 Homecoming’ Available Now

Rise of the Harvester 3 is the ongoing story of Samuel Troyer. A troubled boy from a young age, Samuel is now known as The Harvester, a monstrous and maniacal madman, who’s exploits are some of the most devious acts of mankind. (If you haven’t read Book 1 and 2 yet, waste no time in doing so)

Book 3 picks up mere moments after the events of Book 2, at the highly entertaining Con of the Dead. This issue introduces some new characters, in the form of Detective Warner and Doctor Johnson, who are hot on the heels of The Harvester. Following the trail of bodies and carnage, the two are eventually led into a good old fashioned showdown with the unfriendly titular character. I will not ruin the fantastic story any further. This is a book that needs to be read.
– Horror Artist Steve McGinnis


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