“Cine de Género Latinoamericano” Horror Website Emerges

The impressive development of genre cinema in Latin America deserved a wide and plural diffusion space, which serves as a trench for the directors that make up the army of the fantastic Latino.

The website investigates the careers of the incipient figures and referents of each territory, reviewing their filmographies through news, interviews and artistic profiles of the Latin star system.

The portrait of the Latin American cosmovision through the most virulent and varied stories that are framed in genres such as terror, science fiction, thriller, black comedy, animation, bizarre, erotic, documentary and others.

Ghosts, vampires, demons, witches, deformed bodies, werewolves, psychopaths, zombies, serial killers, cannibals, evil spirits, urban legends, folkloric tales and inexplicable facts are part of the cinematographic germ that give rise to the stories that shape gender identity in Latin America.

The main objective of the website is to disseminate the novice filmmakers of contemporary genre as well as to highlight the work of foundational and unorthodox filmmakers whose work has allowed the proliferation of projects and the emergence of new exponents in each territory.

Visit the website to find yourself in front of the darkest and most disturbing stories coming out of the minds of those who make up the army of directors of the fantastic Latin American.

Carried out by the Argentinean director, Hernán Moyano, compiler together with Carina Rodriguez of the “Manual de cine de género: Experiencias de la guerrilla audiovisual de América Latina” and collaborator of related publications such as “Horrofìlmico. Aproximaciones al cine de terror en Latinoamérica y el Caribe” by Rosana Diaz Zambrana and Patricia Tomé and “Blood Circuits: Contemporary Argentine Horror Cinema” by Jonathan Risner, among others.

In alliance with filmmakers dedicated to gender cinema and some of the most outstanding horror film festivals in Latin America such as “Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre”, “Macabro, Mexico City International Horror Film Festival”, “FERATUM, International Fantasy Film Festival, Terror and Sci-Fi, “Santiago Horror Film Fest”, “Nox film Fest, International Fear and Fantasy Film Festival of Salto, Uruguay” and “Terror Córdoba, horror and fantastic film festival”, among others.

A space run by filmmakers, for filmmakers and enthusiasts.

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