Supernatural Terror In 1970s London…

A psychic who dreams of a different life.

A police constable who just wants to protect an old lady.

A haunted house that could destroy them all.

London, October 1971:

Some people think psychics are cool, but paranormal investigator Harry Undine disagrees. The Rat Pack were cool. They still are, despite what this new generation thinks. But having his emotions ripped to shreds whenever he encounters a so-called ghost is definitely not cool, thank you very much, and his work at the Corsi Institute had better help him get rid of his unwanted ‘gift’.

If only.

When WPC Jo Cross visits the Institute and begs them to help an elderly lady whose house in Mitcham appears to be haunted, of course they have to assist her, even if everything in Undine screams that they should stay as far away as possible. He can’t tell their boss why he’s so frightened, not without revealing his secret. And Jo Cross is a good woman, just doing her job. But are her determination, all the Institute’s expertise, and Undine’s own abilities going to be enough when they face the horror at Lavender Edge?

There’s only one way to find out – and they are going to find out, whether Undine wants it or not.

“I love this genre and haven’t read any recently with as much character and heart as Lavender Edge … Would definitely recommend giving this a read”

“Haunted house stories always get to me … Henderson does it with the best of them”

This was a good one!”

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And then try another in the form of…

They’d said it was dead. A lifeless rock, spinning in space. But life can take many forms.

Out there – embodied via the Link – it was easy to let your imagination get the better of you. Fatally easy.

All it took was a momentary lapse of concentration for Nick Scott to nearly lose his mind.

And for something to find it….

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“Makes Stephen King seem cuddly. Interesting scenes well put together. Hopefully next book will appear with less delay. Would have worked well as a graphic novel.”

“… a deft job of developing an ongoing sense of dread and impending terror, all the while making the characters and their reactions rational … a really well done, character-driven sci-fi/horror story …”

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About Author Christopher Henderson

Christopher Henderson was born in Streatham at the dawn of the 1970s, probably the weirdest decade there has ever been. He has haunted south London ever since.

He has been writing for around a quarter of a century, but until just a few years ago he worked under his real name, almost exclusively on non-fiction and largely specializing in folklore and real-life ghost stories. In this new incarnation he writes horror fiction, and especially supernatural horror fiction, in the hope of escaping a world that’s fast becoming somewhere he’d rather not be.

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