An Interactive Journey Through Moments In Time, With Some Options Resembling A Game Or A Maze…

Near8.IO has a new interactive mystery/horror/sci fi themed site that offers interactive journeys through moments in time. They have their own custom animation and sound design, and a number of up and coming artists and composers who are working with them on building out the interactive scenes. They just unveiled their first release, and hope to roll out additional journeys via a mailing list and our social pages.

 If you’re a gamer (Myst, Assassin’s Creed), mystery/horror fans, Blade Runner fans, and/or enjoy some VR and interactive/abstract art overlap then this is for you!

Get a quick example of what they can do in these videos, and get ready to enter the portal…

Now it’s time for you to begin your journey, and enter the portal at:

And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter, and “Like” their Facebook page for updates!!!

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