You’ve read his reviews at Zisi Emporium for B Movies

You’ve listened to him present the Creature Feature of the Week on the Where The Scary Things Are podcast…

And now is your chance to read his latest book…

A mysterious agency, bent on ruling the planet, hires a mercenary, the sultry Talon Goh, to infiltrate the once beautiful city of Brisbane. Talon Goh will enter the former jewel of Australia determined to clean-up an ungodly mess left by horrific scientific forces… but something awful awaited her. For the first time in her life she fails and is subject to rape, beatings, and captivity…

Limited edition prints of The Ghosts of Brisbane by Christopher Zisi are available for purchase!


Matte Magazine (Soft Cover)

Also available to read on issuu via Creators Unite Magazine!

Get a better look at the preview today at:

About Author Christopher Zisi

Horror writer, blogger, poet, retired FBI Special Agent, and now part of the Where The Scary Things Are podcast!

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