All Towns Have Secrets. But None Like Netherwell Bay…

‘Sis, I’m in trouble. Real trouble. And I need help.’

After receiving a worrying message from her estranged brother, Beth Davis sets out to find and help him, ending up in the strange, coastal town of Netherwell Bay.

There, she begins to witness terrifying and unexplainable things, and reports of ritualistic murders have the town panicked.

A sinister cult soon makes its presence known, and the dark history of Netherwell Bay is unveiled. Beth then finds herself in a race against time to stop a doorway to Hell from opening… permanently.

The Netherwell Horror is a Lovecraftian mystery that quickly descends into madness, sickening violence, and chaos. Fans of Silent Hill will love this nightmarish tale, but those of a squeamish disposition need not apply…

“If you are a fan of Lee Mountford, you will enjoy this work tremendously. It has that same type of joyous slow boil buildup as “The Demonic”, and while it is perhaps the closest to “The Mark” in its vein, it has a uniquely horrifying story of its own. If you don’t yet know Lee Mountford’s work, give yourself permission use this as a good place to dive in.”

“He is masterful in his ability to wet the reader’s appetite, drawing you in with mystery, intrigue, and yet only a fleeting little taste of what is to come. Then, when the action really picks up about half-way through, set some time aside as you will not want to put this book down until you finish. For me, I read this book in one sitting and was very glad I did.”

“There is one particular scene about halfway through the book that…well, if you liked the film Hostel, you will love it! It actually made me uncomfortable to read and I found myself physically recoiling, something which is great for a horror novel. My hat is off to the author!”

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It isn’t the house that’s haunted…

It’s the person.

Kirsty is no stranger to trauma, but when her house is invaded one night, she is left with a strange mark carved into her skin.

And that is when the horrifying ghosts start to appear.

As the experiences grow more frequent—and dangerous—Kirsty must fight for her life and unravel the mystery behind the occult symbol etched into her flesh. This forces her into the terrifying world of the occult, where she learns of a Bible written by the Devil himself.

Can she save her very soul from damnation?

You will love this gripping ghost story, because it ramps up the fear and doesn’t let go until its thrilling climax.

“After I read Lee’s first novels, I just knew that I had found a new favorite author. He certainly didn’t disappoint with The Mark. Suspenseful, Mysterious, and Thrilling, it is one of the very best novels I’ve read.”

“As always, Lee Mountford did not disappoint! A chilling story that will have you looking behind you making sure you are safe! Great character development. They are relatable! Another amazing read!”

“Fast paced, edge of your seat story…loved it!!! I love all books by this author and look forward to the next one.”

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And the horror doesn’t end there…

Danni thought she knew fear…

But this house will show her what it is to be truly afraid.

Called back to a childhood home, she must lay to rest a father that made her life hell. But something else waits for her in that house. Something far beyond what she could possibly imagine. Restless spirits and an insidious demon ensure this homecoming is one of nightmares.

Can Danni save her family… and her very soul? To do so, she must face the ghosts of her past as well as an ancient and malevolent evil.

You will love this haunted house novel, because who really needs to sleep at night?

“It’s been a long time since a novel actually scared me. THE DEMONIC did just that. Highly recommended!”

“An excellent read. This book totally rocked. Lee Mountford really gets horror! I can’t wait to read his next book. There were moments when I was truly frightened and I occasionally looked over my shoulder. The author really knocked it out of the park with this one. I’m not one to give away plot details or spoil the story for anyone, nor do I like to pick characters apart, so suffice it to say that you should definitely read this book.”

“I am SPEECHLESS!!!!! This book grabs you and won’t let go. The best part is that it seems so real! It is truly one of the best horror books I have read. This family has no idea of the scares and pure terror that awaits them. And the ending….WOW…….you just have to read to find out!!!!”

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About Author Lee Mountford

Lee Mountford is a horror author from the North-East of England. His first book, Horror in the Woods, was published in May 2017 to fantastic reviews, and his follow-up book, The Demonic, achieved Best Seller status in both Occult Horror and British Horror categories on Amazon.

He is a lifelong horror fan, much to the dismay of his amazing wife, Michelle, and his work is available in ebook, print and audiobook formats.

In August 2017 he and his wife welcomed their beautiful daughter, Ella, into the world. Michelle is hoping she doesn’t inherit her father’s love of horror, but Lee has other ideas…

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