There Is Only Consequence…

Tribute is a small, Australian township blessed with ancient mountainous rainforest, waterfalls, clean pristine rivers and a filthy secret. Six young lives are brought together by a church orphanage as wards of the state then groomed and sold off at a tender age. Other than the jungle, their only comfort is each other, and Stirrup, a brave blue cattle dog. The only family they have ever known.

Led by Cozy, wild, defiant and found in Tribute’s rainforest as an infant, the youngsters plot the demise of their tormentor. Will the kids finally experience freedom and happiness? Or will tyranny and heartache stubbornly cling to them?

Refreshingly guttural and unashamedly Australian, Tribute’s untamed growl is bold and confronting.

“Once in awhile a book comes along that blows you away and leaves a mark that will never leave you. This is one that has done just that. It’s raw, gritty, emotional, horrific and discribes the underworld of abuse. Defiantly not for the faint of heart or readers with triggers. From the very first page you enter into a very dark and painful world of these orphaned children that continues into adulthood. Your heart will bleed, cry, hurt, love and laugh with these characters as they create a bond that will last a lifetime. This author is new to me but I can tell you I will definitely be reading his future work.”

“This book gave me the chills, over and over again. It isnt often that a story will stay with you and keep drawing you back. Each time I read this I find something new to agonize over. I highly recommend this.”

“If you’re seeking unicorns and fairy dust, please seek entertainment elsewhere. Also, if you struggle with taboo or certain content triggers you, this is NOT the book for you. However, if you are open to a unique read that dwells into events that are so terrifying, and filled with utter disgust, then please take a chance on this rare, but potent body of work. Tribute is a perfection whose author has the ability, and orchestration to take you on a ride so sublime, that you’re shattered when it’s over.”

“Wow! That was the first voiced comment that escaped my lips after reading the last sentence. It’s been a long time since I was highly impressed with a book. Robert Lee Johnston is an outstanding author and I find myself inspired by him.”

“A powerful and emotional debut. You need a lot of courage to complete this piece of art and face the dark truth. The powerful and rich writing style takes this book to another level that makes it beautiful and remarkable.”

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Don’t stop there…try another amazing book from author Robert Lee Johnston…

A deal has been struck.

The twenty-first century has a visitor. He visits earth for one year each century.
On arrival, he is stripped of his power. The devil is one of us, among us.

Living down under.

Lucifer is on leave. And he’s here, in Australia.

“It was so entertaining! I adored the characters and the storyline! I definitely recommend this book! Give it a read.”

“I found this book to be not only wildly entertaining, but exquisitely detailed, as well. The author uses just the most poetic ways of describing the world within which the story takes place. Luce is a wickedly interesting character, where he comes from the depths of hell and “vacations” on earth for a year… Robert Lee Johnston is a brilliant wordsmith. I can’t say enough about this author…I highly recommend this very entertaining novel, as well as anything this author publishes.”

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About Author Robert Lee Johnston

Robert Lee Johnston is an Australian author based in Far North Queensland. Robert enjoys writing challenging, villainous characters and subjects. He loves the Australian humour, in good or poor taste, that is born from those places of darkness. It is his belief that the deeper, more painful the situation, the funnier and better Aussies become.

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