“Nation’s Fire” Starring BRUCE DERN, GIL BELLOWS & KRISTA GROTTE SAXON Releasing on VOD Jan 21st

Vision Films is set to release Action Thriller Nation’s Fire starring Krista Grotte Saxon (Check Point), Gil Bellows (Patriot), Bruce Dern (Nebraska), Paul Sloan (The Scorpion King), Chuck Liddell (Kick-Ass 2), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (S.W.A.T), Kristen Renton (Sons of Anarchy), Laurene Landon (Agramon’s Gate), Tom Proctor (Guardians of the Galaxy), Kyle Lowder (Days of Our Lives) and Wyatt Walter (Shameless), releasing on all major VOD platforms in North America on January 21st, 2020.

From writer/director Thomas J. Churchill (The Hard Way, Check Point), Nation’s Fire is a unique take on the biker film genre, following the former leader of a female motorcycle club.

The leader of an all-female motorcycle club abandons her gang to raise her son. Meanwhile, certain members of their all-male counterpart gang establish an underground drug ring led by a ruthless criminal. When her son is killed in a school shooting caused by the drugs and he is named as the shooter, the leaders of both clubs rally to seek retaliation for her son’s death and to clear his name.

Nation’s Fire is a TeKnocentric Film produced by Andy Lalino, Phillip B. Goldfine, Carmine Famiglietti and Thomas J.Churchill, with Robert Ori, Jerry Roberts and Krista Grotte Saxon serving as executive producers.

Bruce Dern says: “This movie is Lightning in a Bottle. The movie is about behavior and people and heart and courage. It’s about this girl going out there to get *** done.”

Krista Grotte Saxon says: “ As a girl who was a street kid and ward of the state at age fourteen, I survived with nothing but the concrete under my feet and the hoodie on my back. I know a thing or two about survival, starvation, danger and the unpredictability of humanity. ? My own life inspired Nation’s Fire. Loved ones we tragically lost inspired Nation’s Fire. Our writer and director Thomas Churchill’s life inspired Nation’s Fire. Ron Galletti and Born to Ride inspired Nation’s Fire. Our motorcycle nation of unity inspired Nation’s Fire. Real world issues inspired Nation’s Fire. Our beloved hero Veterans inspired Nation’s Fire. Edge of your seat action and drama inspired Nation’s Fire. You and someone in your life inspired Nation’s Fire.”

Thomas Churchill says: “Nation’s Fire has both action and heart. I wanted to tell a story about the “what if” scenario. What if your back is against the wall during a storm…who would be with you shoulder to shoulder. Who can you count on…the answer is Family. …Family doesn’t always need to be by blood…it is measured by loyalty. That’s what Nation’s Fire is about…Family, Friends and loyalty.”

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