Frolic Pictures Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Looking back on a decade of sensationalism… In 2009, 24-year-old actor Jared Masters transplanted from the intensity of New York City to the splendor of Venice Beach, California. In 2010, he wrangled his friends and convinced one of their fathers to front-load the first picture, Climb It, Tarzan! (2011), featuring a mighty all-female onslaught of talent. Frolic Pictures (almost Lemonade Pictures) was born.

From there, the dream team produced the must-see cult film phenomenon, 8 Reels of Sewage (2012) and Hollywood A GoGo (2012), a mega dance mockumentary, sporting a pulsing soundtrack and kooky commentary best experienced at parties. Soon the outfit soared to new heights with Slink (2013), the first horror film in the company’s cannon.

The genre proved successful, which launched a wave of somewhat silly slashers, After School Massacre AKA Teachers’ Day (2014) and the meaty whodunit murder mystery comedy, Club Lingerie (2014). The paranormal girl band flick, Deadly Punkettes (2014), was the third film released by Frolic that year, making 2014 the most productive period to date.

Ballet of Blood (2015) was made next, a surreal horror-fantasy and Jared Masters’ personal favorite. The following year Masters teamed up with his younger brother, Benjamin, to film a fairy tale in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia. It was the beautiful dialogue-less production of Amethyst (2016).

A lost sexploitation gem, originally shot in 2013, was found and finally released. It’s the fetishist’s dream known as Big Hair, Long Lashes (2017). Around this time, Masters was hired to direct someone else’s movie, which was later released as White Slaves of K-Town. Trash art, deliciously done. The sun soon set and rose on new ground, with the mighty sword and sandal Bible epic, Absolute Vow (2017).

Most recently produced was the first feature Jared Masters not only wrote and directed but also starred in, Agalmatophilia (2018), a mannequin snuff film, and lastly, the audiovisual sensation known as Psychedelic Nudes AKA Adorable Emo Babes in Ecstasy (2019).

Special thanks and acknowledgment must be given to the following people, whose kindness and craft made these films possible… Julia Faye West, Tim McComb, Dawna Lee Heising, Geo Sargent, Art Roberts, Bob Evens, Sean Gibson, Reese Lester, Dylan Reynolds, Lauren Taler and Laura Amelia.

After making 14 feature films and writing 5 books, Jared Masters has paused to smell the roses and enjoy life outside of the sickness of cinema, but still has his hand in distribution with his unexpectedly popular Grindhouse Double Feature DVDs (available online, wherever DVDs are sold).

There are many more spec scripts in the desk draw and fans worldwide will have to wait to see what’s in store…

Frolic Pictures, 2010-2020. A decade of sensationalism. Learn more at

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