A horror double-feature for people who love people.

And houses.

And the internet.

And violent murder.

House of Doom features two spooky horror stories suitable to delight and/or frighten readers of all ages.

We invite you to distract yourself from the horrible nightmare of your postmodern existence and fire up your imagination with this ghastly reminder of the horrifying beasts you’ve forgotten you live with…

Parasocial is a psychological thriller about a digital obsession that turns deadly as it leaks offline, and a young man willing to do anything for the attention of his favorite online celebrity. Are you bold enough to hold the knife in your own hands?

Josef Wilke’s “Parasocial” is a twisted tale of modern love, examining how 21st-century digital socialization has changed how we interact with each other.

Little Bastards is an atmospheric story of a suburban house with a pest problem that grows out of control. We always do what we can for family, even if that means banding together to fight against an army of flesh-eating rats.

Danny Gorny’s “Little Bastards” makes suburbia even more nightmarish with its unsettling tone. Don’t be fooled by the cute appearance of the combatants in this epic struggle of life-and-death!

Stories written by:

Josef Wilke and Danny Gorny

Both illustrated by

Damian Canta

“I am excited about House of Doom because I’ve been able combine two different artistic styles into one, fun comic book. ‘Parasocial,’ being the more realistic of the two, makes a strong case for adjusting your privacy settings on the internet. ‘Little Bastards,’ more cartoon-like and abstract, taps into the unnerving side-effects of safe suburbia. I think both stories have something for everyone, even if just to laugh at how ridiculous and scary life can be – I really hope you enjoy it!” – Damian Canta

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