Women in Horror Month Interview with Author Ann Fox

As you may know, February is “Women in Horror” month. To celebrate, PromoteHorror.com asked women from different professions if they would like to answer some questions about being a “Woman in Horror.” One of the women, who was kind enough to answer our questions, was the awesome author Ann Fox . Lets see what she said about being a “Woman in Horror”…

-PH: When did you first become a horror fan?

-Ann: I have no memory of not loving horror. My grandmother loved horror during the Universal Monster era and passed it down. Mom was liberal and loved horror and allowed us to see it since birth. She drilled into us at an age of comprehension how it was make believe.

-PH: Was there a specific moment when you realized that you wanted to go from being a fan of horror to a woman who contributes to the genre, or did it just kind of happen naturally?

-Ann: Since childhood. I read a lot of horror and used to sign books that weren’t mine and pretended to be an author at the kitchen table. I used to write Alien fan fiction as a child. I also played horror games with my brother using Gi Joes. The role of Trash from ROTLD was portrayed by Gi Joe toy Zarana. Gem of Gem and the Holograms was Freddy Krueger because at the time she was the only doll I had whose wrists moved. We stuck sewing needles in her fingers. Ken doll was Michael Myers. It happened naturally.

-PH: Since you’ve become a horror fan and woman in horror, have you always had the support of friends and family or did you have some explaining to do?

-Ann: I had major support. Especially from my mother Cynthia – a horror fan and English and literature professor. When she saw I was inclined to write she thoroughly supported me and taught me plenty. Thanks mama Maleficent!

-PH: What does having a “Women in Horror” month mean to you?

-Ann: To me WIHM means a collective voice of horror from female artists of all kinds expressing themselves and showcasing their talent they have shared with the world and this is a month to show gratitude for that.

-PH: What do you think the future holds for women in horror?

-Ann: Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We stand on the shoulders of greats and they are living legends who have yet to disappoint and are going on strong. And those of a bygone era are our pioneers who owe a debt of gratitude.

-PH: This is Women in Horror Month 11…how long do you think we will continue to celebrate this month before women get the recognition they deserve?

-Ann: It’s fabulous that women are being recognized in the horror industry for an entire month, darling. But Women in horror should be recognized all year round. WIHM is a great platform for that ideology to be recognized and hopefully will carry on to celebrate WIH every year. Recognition this month is appreciated. I truly believe WIHM will strengthen awareness every year. More and more…

-PH: If you could serve a role in horror that you’ve never done, what would it be?

-Ann: Singing and theater. Somehow. Maybe an image akin to a Marilyn Manson for example. Horror via performing arts. Or playwriting.

-PH: Who is your favorite final girl, and favorite female villain?

-Ann: Hands down Ripley. Female villain? Aside from ones I’ve written about (they’re my children. I don’t have children – aside from Dunkin the Parakeet) Alexia Ashford from the video game Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

-PH: Being that this is PromoteHorror.com, please feel free to plug your current/next horror project.

-Ann: DIRGES IN THE DARK – A novella by Antoinette “Ann” Fox is currently available. Support a villainess (is she?) this #WomenInHorror Month. Deep. Dark. Intimate. Horror. Opera. Tragedy. The show MUST go on! #WIHM

https://www.amazon.com/Dirges-Dark-Ann-Fox/dp/1657986527 <—- for more deets.

Check out Ann Fox’s other stories anytime.
@AntoinetteFoxNy on twitter. If you’re interested in more stories and details tweet me! I’d be happy to give you more info.

We would like to thank Ann Fox for taking the time to answer our questions, but more importantly for her contribution to horror!

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