New Teaser for “Cannibal Comedian”

Cannibal Comedian – horror dark comedy Premiere late 2020

A psychopathic cannibal, fed up with his lack of ambition, tries his hand at stand-up comedy in an attempt to satisfy his appetite for normalcy.

Starring Aaron Prager as Charlie Cannibal Comedian
Also starring Austin Judd as Chrystal & Robert Dunne as Carrey

David Vega – Sheriff Weaver
Keith Kollinicos – Eleanor

Written, directed and produced by Sean Haitz

Produced by Yoko Haitz
DP – Jacob Geimer


Cannibal Comedian is a horror epic with an undertone of dark comedy. Set in modern day Western USA, the film will allow us to explore the intertwining of over- the-top humor and rampaging horror at full throttle. It will combine the pure terror of hearing Leatherface’s chainsaw with the gut-busting laughs of a classic Jim Carrey film. Littered with scary, grotesque and wildly energetic characters, Cannibal Comedian is a love letter to horror and “stand-up” comedy.

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