This short story details the account of Raymond Morris, accused of murdering his family but protesting his innocence and claiming external influences. This is the first short story in a proposed series by author Kain Percival.

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And then jump right into book two…

A trip out to the woods and mountains turns sinister and dangerous with a bizarre night time discovery.

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And introducing book 3…

An adventure seeker finds more than they bargained for or comprehend as they stray from the recommended path.

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Author’s Plan for this Series…

“For my series I am planning, initially at least, to write about 12 stories. What I am hoping is that the background elements will, over the course of the series, solidify into something coherent and continuous whilst each story retains an individual narrative. I’m looking to have slightly distinct phases of about three stories each – the third story that I’m currently writing will effectively be the end of the introduction. I hesitate to say that I am hoping to create some sort of background mythos, because I don’t want people to think that I am trying to “do a Lovecraft” as I am hoping to go for a slightly more surreal tone. I am a pretty big fan of David Lynch (I know he’s not traditionally considered a horror director but I find his stuff more unnerving than most actual horror) and was hoping to channel a similar type of surrealism in my stories. That is the eventual hope anyway…

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