Cucurbitophobia has Released Two Brand New Tracks

Cucurbitophobia has released two brand new tracks: “Exordium”, and ‪“The Sigillaria and the Summoning of Saturn” for #bandcampfriday!

Both tracks are to be featured on the forthcoming full-length release, Dies Ferialis: Awakening the Lemures, due in Autumn 2020 It is a prelude telling a dark tale of ancient spirits who return to the present day world to wreak havoc, awaken the dead, and spawn a series of apocalyptic festivals and rites from the Autumnal Equinox through the Winter Solstice.

Cucurbitophobia is a Avant-Garde, Dark Ambient Music project dedicated to unleashing surreal, nightmarish compositions dedicated to keep the spirit of Samhain alive and kicking all year round.

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