FM R IZ (Ephemeris) is the brainchild of Craig Caudill, an artist and dabbler of all things creative. He is a former installation artist who turned author and electronic recording artist. He is most at home, concocting sounds to inspire his literary endeavors. His latest release is “Green Neon Nights”. To stay creative he quickly shifts from music to writing dark fantasy noir to avoid the creative blocks and pitfalls that stifle a creative person’s momentum.

Recently he was made his radio playlist debut on Dice Radio on March 24th. This was a 90-minute’s playlist which was played four times in a row.

In the early ’90’s Craig Caudill has been behind the scenes of art and literature. His first garage band was “Thought Lords” which finally grew into “Slughead”, which was an expanding project. In this project many members joined in when necessary, depending what instrument they were playing. But mainly the core band was Craig Caudill and Greg Willhelm-Olsen.

And now from FM R IZ comes The Walking Strang R

-Available in most formats

-Nearly 3 hours of music

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“Craig Caudill as FM R IZ has delivered hours of diffuse and floating melodic electronic music in this release Chill Crate Rouge. Distant landscapes, from slow windswept wintry expanses to more urban clouds of rust, drifting orchestral tones sketching meandering harmonies.

Gentle, slightly brooding, softly edgy at times, never static but changing constantly and slowly, it reminds me pleasantly of some of my early work (like Trances & Drones) but with its own personal sonic palette and an even more elongated sense of time. It could be a stimulating soundtrack to creative mental activities like reading, writing, or visual arts. Thumbs up.” – Robert Rich

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